Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh dear , Listen To Me Please !!

When reality stacks up walls and blocks my dream
When only cold tears flow down my cheeks
When wounds keep increasing
At last I can hear my heart
Let my soul I go crazy because of my dreams
I go crazy heartlessly
I go crazy because of music
I go crazy because of love
I go crazy because of the world
I go crazy because of the tears
I go crazy because of my heart
I go crazy because of my mind
Raise the volume , crazily , I won't give up
Even if I lose thousands of times
Go over the wall there's no limit
I will go until the end
When sweet lies talk about the world
When I only get taught of common incorrect answer
When I stand up after falling and falling again
At last I can be a stronger me
Even if they all tell me it's predetermined , that it's fate
I will chase it until the end of the world
I want to go until the end
That's all I got , so I'm not giving up the fight
Even I fall on my way
Even if I fall due to exhaustion
Even if reality blocks my way until the end !!!!


1 comment:

LoVe YoU said...

i go crazy bcoz i miss u like crazy.. dont u know that.. smpai bler nak tggu syara tegor akak pon tak tau.. cedey3.. nak cakap, i'm sorry..

wan khairiah